I enjoy being a girl!!

I do love being a girl! I wouldn't be a man even if I was offered by God to switch. Well, maybe for a couple of hours so I could see what sex feel like for a guy, but beyond that...nope! :) I was getting ready to go out to dinner today with my mom, Joshua & Jennifer and was also thinking about tonight. Planning what to wear, how to do my hair, what shoes to wear, etc. **and just an aside on the shoe thing... I wore my new black boots I got a month or so ago on sale for the first time today...and I now know why they were on sale! I'm getting blisters after just a few hours! They look good, but you definitely get what you pay for!!! bummer :(**

Anyways, back to my love of being a girl. :) I think what I love most is the versatility that comes with being a girl. I can wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt with my hair in a ponytail one minute and the next I can either vamp it up really sexy with a push up bra and heels or dress demure and sweet. I can be the girl next door out in public and a complete freak in the bedroom. And I love it. I know this isn't the most progressive/modern comment....and if you don't agree keep it to yourself cause I don't really care! lol But I enjoy the thought of being taken care of and protected. I don't want to burn my bras and insist that I'm the same as a man. Now don't get me wrong...women deserve equal pay for equal work, we deserve to vote, deserve not to be harrassed, etc. Absolutely. But we are not the same as men....THANK GOD! lol

Some women are so ashamed of their feminine qualities. Honey, God made you a woman and he instilled in you certain feminine qualities. They are inherent to your nature. You are supposed to want to feel pretty. You are supposed to want affection, etc. I'm not going to go into them all here, but if you're a girl you know what I'm talking about! So what if no one is ever going to see them....wear those pretty little things under your clothes if they make you feel good! And for crying out loud, flirt a little bit! Nothing will make your spirit come alive like some good old fashioned flirting! Joleen and I call it a "mojo check." LOL

So what does being a girl mean to you? And for all you guys out there...what do you love about women (besides all the naughty bits you're not gonna mention on here! lol)? Please...COMMENT!

I guess to me it all boils down to this.... what I love about myself as a woman is my mix of sugar and spice. Sweetness, kindness, charm, friendliness mixed with just enough spice now and then to keep it interesting and keep 'em guessing. How about you all?