A real slice

Needless to say, today was SO MUCH better than last night. Sleep does wonders doesn't it? Last night was rough. But today I feel much more myself again. I don't stay mad for long. Sometimes I wish I did at least a little longer, but this is the way God made me..sooooo. Anyways, I had a nice quiet day. My cable got shut off (oops!), so there wasn't any tv. I played around with some music on my laptop and am thinking about working on my book a little. Took an extra long shower and now that everything has been properly washed, exfoliated, shaved and moisturized, I'm kind of at a loss for things to do. It's kind of refreshing to have this kind of boredome though. No measuring the atmosphere inside these four walls on a crazy scale and no neurotically making sure that anything he can use up or steal has been hidden or put away. Just relaxation. That's priceless. I'd like to say it was good while it lasted but.... well, just but. It's been a real slice, but I have to be normal now.


Love you wonderful woman!