Lets get this over with

Well, I got all of 2-3 hours of freakin' sleep this morning, which means that I am feeling rather hateful and impatient. Top that all off with the fact that this wonderful man drank an entire pot of coffee this morning and is now M-A-N-I-C, shaking and bouncing off the walls and what you have is one girl who is ready to get this freaking show over with.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and have this all done and tucked away, but know that I have a few long days ahead of me. My parents are supposed to arrive in town between 1 & 2 to stay with the kids (pray for their safety because the roads aren't all that great). After I show my mom how to get to the kids school and pick them up, we'll say goodbye to everyone and hit the road. Lord willing, the roads won't be too bad for us either. I'm anticipating being on the road around 4'ish, which means we'll roll into Cleveland around 8. I promised Darren (my son who is up there with his Dad for now) that we would spend the night with him. He wants to make me dinner and spend time with mom. We will need to leave for a while sometime after dinner though so that we can take Scott's things over to his new place. I told him that we were doing it tonight because if they put him in jail tomorrow, I'm not going to be stressing out about getting his crap moved by myself.

After spending the night with D. (I know, some think it's hillarious that I'm spending the night at my ex-husbands house with my soon-to-be ex-husband--but I actually get along pretty well with the other one), tomorrow will be full of errand running (get copy of birth certificate, renew license plates, etc.) then we have to be in court at 1:30. I have no idea what will happen at that time. Scott is thinking they'll just give him a stern talking to and let him go, at which time he wants me to come back to his new place and help him get settled, spending one last romantic night together. Um, riiiiiight. I, as usual, think he's crazy. IF he's not in jail, and that's a big if, I don't know that I will have any desire to stay with him in this place. Especially not the way he's acting right now. I want this done and over. I can't STAND being in frickin' limbo like this. I may spend the night at a family members house before coming back home on Wednesday. I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone yet so I'm not sure. Oh for the carefree times of two months ago when I could actually afford a decent rental car to drive up there in AND a hotel with all the free wi-fi I could want. *sigh*


Girl, I would tell him that it's better to leave after the court hearing. It's time and he needs to move on.

Love you!
Gibby said…
Wow, I haven't been here in a few days and am sorry I missed all of this. Will be thinking about you while in Cleveland. Fingers are crossed that all will go as it should.