Life today

I know I've been a little MIA lately and that's because I've had a lot on my mind and plate. Next week I promise I'll have more updates for you, but frankly am a little afraid to jynx myself by talking about it too soon.

To sum up some of the good things that have happened though, I have a decent job lead. A head-hunter contacted me regarding a government position with a 1-year contract and possibility to expand up to four years. I'm waiting on some paperwork in the mail right now. YAY! In the meantime, I had a couple of amazing surprises in the way of my needs being met. It never fails to surprise me the cool and unexpected ways that God provides for his own. Today I got another unexpected and so much appreciated surprise in my email that relieved a huge financial worry for the coming month. Thank you so much Lord. :)

In other news, everyone here is doing well. I'm still coughing and most of the time don't have much of a voice still. I hope it goes away soon because I'm getting really tired of being afraid that I'm going to pee my pants with each huge coughing spell. Seriously.