Happy New You

I had a wonderful New Years. Allison, Shawnda & Heather came over and we had a late spaghetti dinner, followed by a box of chocolate-covered cherries as we watched a Sex and the City marathon (the first half of season one). We paused the show long enough to watch the ball drop, hug and text everyone we know. I called all of my kids--it seems so weird to not have ANY of my kids around on a night like this. I checked on everyone's statuses on myspace, facebook & twitter and then looked to see that someone that I miss very much came to check out my page at around 2 in the morning and that made me feel good.

Scott went to bed shortly after midnight as we resumed our shows. A few hours later we paused it for a while so that we could make "mug cakes"--yummy chocolate cake in a coffee mug cooked in the microwave for 3 minutes. It was surprisingly good.

I know this is a short but sweet recap, but it's now 4 in the morning and I'm a tired girl! So I'm going to sign off and get to bed--more from me tomorrow! Hope you all had a wonderful & safe evening. Remember, tomorrow is the start of a brand new life! New year, new life, new outlook, new opportunities.... lets all purpose ourselves to make the most out of it. No more waiting--this is the year that we're going to do it--whatever that "it" is for you. For me, it's writing that book, losing weight, getting financially stable, spending more time alone with the Lord (I miss him). I want to get back into life and stop being so afraid to live because I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Life is there waiting for me, what am I waiting for? I'm the only one that I'm going to be with every day for the rest of my life--I need to romance myself a little bit and treat myself right! God bless you all, Happy New Year friends.


Allison said…
I can't think of another way I would have wanted to ring in the new year than with my babes. Being with good friends is the best! Love you all. =]