I must be psychic

10/25: "I missed work all week because I
had the flu. That always scares me because
I'm just sure I'm going to get fired."

Never have truer words been written. I'm in the wrong line of work, for real--I should be hiring myself out as a psychic! My boss calls this morning and says she needs me to come in so she can talk to me about my attendance. I tell her I can't, so whatever needs done has to be done over the phone. "It's not good Veronica."

I ask her why it isn't good and she tries to tell me that I have had S-I-X occurrences in the past three months!!! I squawk and say I absolutely DO NOT and she replies, "well you had three just last week!"

I remind her that three sick days in a row equal ONE occurrence, not THREE and she says, "Well, still. You were just finishing up your probationary period and that kind of thing makes H.R. nervous, so I'm going to have to let you go. I mean, you KNEW you were still in your probationary period!"

I say, "NO. What I knew is that I trusted you when you said to me, to go home sick and that it wouldn't be an issue." She tells me that it's not her, it's H.R. and I say, "what's the difference? You're my boss and if you told me it wouldn't be an issue then it shouldn't be." Doesn't matter; nothing changes.

Luckily, since we all know how miserable I've been at that job anyways, I've had my resume on monster.com for a week or so and simply had to scroll down my caller i.d. to find several people who have been wanting to hire me. What sucks is that each one of their messages included, "I know with your resume you're probably used to making much more money than this, but...." blah. Oh well, I figure I will work agency for a few months until the holidays are over and then maybe take a contract somewhere. That way I can have more free time over the holidays and what-not. Either way, please pray for me. I fully believe that job was only meant to be a vessel to bring me to my new life in this new location, but I wanted to be the one to decide when it was over. I didn't want it to go down like this, for real. Oh well, God knows best and he will take care of me.


Allison said…
=( What a yucky day.
megan said…
sorry to hear that.. i hope that the next job will be much more fun and something that you want to do
Love you very much! Keep your chin up, you're moving on to better things!
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