Friday five

  1. How does everyone like the new winter layout for the blog? I made the header a while ago, but put together the rest of the stuff and threw it up last night. Feedback?
  2. The angst has arrived. The hormonal, teenage angst I mean. Madelaine is no longer the Madelaine we all knew and loved--at least not most of the time. I'm sitting here trying to breathe in and breathe out so that I don't whoop her butt, and that's huge because I don't EVER have to discipline her like that. But honey let me tell you, as good as Courtney is doing, Madelaine obviously picked up the torch and is doing horribly with the attitude. uggh!
  3. It's snowing right now. It's still a very wet half-snow, half-rain. It's pretty but I'm not exactly sure how ready I am for winter. Ok, I'm not ready at all. But it's still pretty.
  4. No word yet about the job. The guy from the agency emailed me a few days ago and said he was submitting my profile to several local places and expects to hear back sometime this week. I hope so. I love the vacation, but I love knowing there's money coming soon just as much.
  5. Allison called yesterday on her way home from work and wanted to know if I could meet her at Applebees for some girl time. We had a great conversation and munched on half-priced appetizers. At first we were bummed when our favorite waitress Sarah wasn't working and Allison even had them check the schedule to see if she was coming in extra for the evening. When they said no, we went ahead and sat in another waitresses area but were pleasantly surprised a few minutes later to see Sarah walk in the front door out of the blue to pick up an extra shift that they didn't have written down! She took over our table and then actually got in trouble (oops!) for sitting at our booth and talking with us for too long. It's amazing to me to see God's hand at work in things like that because we found out so much about her that we have in common and now have an inkling why God chose to bring this cool girl into our lives last May to bond with us. Who knew that we would become so close with our waitress from Applebees!


Allison said…
1) Love it!! It's so pretty even though I'm so not ready for winter yet. (Now you just have to change your signature to match your page.)

2.) Oh Maddie! The joys of womanhood. Hope things calm down a bit...for her sake...and yours...

3.) Snow?? NO!!!!! Ok, strangely enough, it is not snowing over here at my house, only 10 minuites away from you. We just have rain and that's yucky enough.

4.) Come on job!! V is ready for you....ok, well, at least the money part!

5.) Yay for Applebees! Yay for buffalo wings! And yay for Sarah!
Yeah, I'm working on the signature thing. :)
Gail said…
Sounds like a good day out.
God does move in mysterious ways!
Site looks good.
Snow! I am not ready. Yesterday as we were working outside, a few flakes fell that were supposed to be rain. Beautiful to see, but glad it did not stay.