As I get further and further into my book (probably at least half-way done now), I have so many people asking me "what's it about?" Well, I thought I would throw out some images that I have stowed away that have inspired me for the first half. These aren't all of them, but enough of them. I'm not really into describing what it's about at this point, because it's too complicated to be dumbed down to a blurb at this point. Suffice it to say that it's about a girl/woman and it begins in one time and finishes in another. I'll have more later, but this is where my mind is at in the story at this particular time:

In no particular order.


Gail said…
Let me know when you publish.
Allison said…
Go Soapie!! Go Soapie!! Go!! Go!! Go Soapie!!

P.S. Love the pictures!