1. I am so thankful for intelligence--not just mine, but other people's as well. I appreciate and love so much watching other people do something brilliant, especially if it's something I would have never thought of. Example: the stunt that Bob pulled tonight on Survivor. That was FANTASTIC and I was rooting out loud for him.
  2. Paydays. I hate that I don't have them anymore and appreciate every little bit that God gives me.
  3. All of my senses. Being able to see, hear and even smell is a beautiful thing. I have Sjogren's Syndrom (google it if you want to learn more about it) and it has effected my smeller. I can't smell as good as I used to and so I really appreciate when I can and fear for the day when I might not be able to. This all takes me to #4.
  4. Things that smell good. I love me a good candle! Falls perfect too because I love spicy, harvesty, cidery scents.
  5. Good chinese food. MMMMM...nuff said. :)


Anonymous said…
My good friend can't smell anything anymore, and although she missed some things, she is happy to be done smelling certain dirty diapers. Several times I have had to tell her that her baby stinks, she has no idea!
OH my goodness, Bob's stunt was freakin awesome!I nearly jumped out of my seat and danced as it played itself out! ;)
Allison said…
Yum! Chinese food sounds GOOD!!!!