Sittin on the porch with some wine

It's just one of those evenings when you want to drink several glasses of wine and sit on the porch screaming things at random passers by. I'm just in one of those feisty, messy moods. Anyone want to sit on the porch with me?


DJ's Mama said…
That sounds fun.. Did you end up going out there? Your street has so much activity, that you have your own tv shows to watch out there.. HEHE
Gail said…
I can do that! Working for the public makes me the perfect partner for yelling at passersby.
Allison said…
Would have been fun!! So, did you see any crazies???
No, I never made it out there. Glad to see I would've had plenty of company if I wanted it though! :)
Darn, I just read this! Is it too late? Have you all already drunk all the wine and hollard at all the people? :) That sounds like such a fun thing to do!