The good news and the bad news

The bad news is, my anniversary was a complete bust. We really don't fight or argue very often, so it more of the norm with not doing ANYTHING. No talking, no cuddling up to watch a movie together, no romance....just nothing. Whatever.

The good news is that I got A TON of writing done! I'm up to 34,242 words as of last night! That's not too bad friends! :) I know that I will need a lot more than the 50,000 words that NaNoWriMo set their goal at, but that's a good start. My main hurdle is to allow myself to be imperfect and just get the rough draft complete. I want to correct every typo and rearrange and do a ton of editing--and that can be a bit counterproductive. So anyways, my goal remains to simply bang this thing out by the end of the month and then spend however long it takes (months? years? I hope not!) to make it great before submitting it.

I know everyone's curious about the job front. The agency I applied with got back with me the other day and I had to complete all of my nursing tests on their website. When I was finished, he said that everything was all set and he was going to submit my profile to one of the local hospitals so that I could get to work. I don't want to jinx myself by asking if that means the tox screen came back ok or if they're just ignoring it for now since I warned them about it. *shrugging shoulders* Oh well, hopefully I'll be working soon. It would be really great if they would approve my unemployment! I'm not holding my breathe because the hospital is fighting it already, but I've never received unemployment and think they should let me. :)

Better get back to writing! Wish me luck!


Gail said…
Something to be said about comfort...How long would it take you to be this comfortable with someone else??
You got all those words...what a wonderful present.
Allison said…
Keep it up! You can do it!! How awesome that you've gotten SOOOOO much written just this month!!!!