What is CDO? It's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder alphabetized!

Knowing the pigs (and I use that term lovingly) that the rest of my family can be at times, I tend to avoid the kitchen. With my history of wigging out just a bit when things aren't the way the I would like them to be in my kitchen and they aren't as clean as I would like them to be, I decided long ago to stay away and live in denial unless it was necessary for me to be there.

The question has come up here and there over the years that if I'm so picky, why don't I just take control of it and take care of it myself? The answer to that brings me back to my original statement: because my family can be a bunch of pigs. When I did take care of it every day, I would find myself leaving little passive-agressive notes all over the place like, "you know how in prisons, the different populations separate themselves and don't like to hang out together? Well, the forks and spoons are the same way! Stop heaping them in one place!" It never worked. I only found myself living in a constant state of frustration about having a ton of work to do. Now, I only have that kind of work to do a handful of times every year--and today was one of those times.

It actually wasn't too bad compared to other times, but I still knew that if I was going to cook in there tomorrow then I was going to have to get nitty-gritty. It started when I was making cheesecake and pulled down the mixer only to see that it was covered with nasty gunked-on grime and I was ready to rolph everywhere. Seriously, that kind of stuff grosses me out. I kept going until all of the miscellaneous items in the kitchen had their layer of grease scrubbed off of them and although I know there's more to go, it's good enough right now that I can comfortably spend my day in there and not be skeeved out. If my kitchen could talk, I hope it would love the fact that it's sparkling like the top of the Chrysler Building and not crying and screaming because I showered it down Silkwood style. "I'm clean! I'm cleeeaaaannnn!"

Now I'm ready for some turkey!


Gail said…
CDO...I use to have that until someone told me, Don't you know noone gives a s---! Now I decorate my spiderwebs and name the maggots in the kitchen...just kidding!
Enjoy your clean kitchen and may you be surrounded with people you love!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Allison said…
Poor Emma. I think she is going to grow up to be ven worse in this area than her mama. But....in the meantime, take advantage of those "mom, can i clean the bathroom moments?" lol.