Friday five

  1. Time I got up to cook the turkey: 9
  2. People here for Thanksgiving dinner: 5
  3. Brownies I ate tonight at Allison's: probably half a dozen. I know, I'm totally hanging my head in shame, but really it's her fault because the problem is she cuts them too small. See, when I make brownies, I cut them bigger and that way I can say I only had 2 or 3. See the logic?
  4. Days of peace with the hormone harem out of the house visiting friends for the holiday: 5 (and it went SO FAST!)
  5. Days until I realized that no one ever put the cheese dip away and it's still sitting in the crockpot: 3 (Not pretty, trust me)


Gail said…
I needed to laugh! Thank you!
Allison said…
So, I guess you didn't pray that God would help you to remember to put the cheese dip away, huh??