CEO of Veronica, Inc.

Current status: Still unemployed and way overstuffed after Thanksgiving

Current mood: Amazing happy, frisky, playful and rather cheeky.

Yeah, on paper my life could be better. So could M-A-N-Y a thing in my life, but inexplicably I am the happiest I've been in quite a while. This is awesome and frankly, I had forgotten how good it feels to feel like myself. What explains the change? *shrugging shoulders* Owwwwknow Perhaps it's not being at a job that I don't like? Maybe given that fact, I am daring to begin imagining the possibilities in my life and for the first time in a long time, I feel like the CEO of Veronica, Inc. instead of just a sad employee of it or even the cleaning lady that shows up to clean up after the official employees. Then again, maybe it's smelling this new lotion I have that smells just like my ex-boyfriend (should I admit that out loud?). I keep smelling my hands and reminiscing. Oh well, no matter! For tonight, I feel fantastic and wish I had a cocktail in hand and a man on which to assert my newly-found administrative power. Prrrrrr! LOL
I'm feeling frisky enough to pounce like a kitten on my unsuspecting husband if he ever eventually climbs out of his hole, *ahem* I mean the basement. I don't know, I am carrying this extra couple of pounds right now, but he's a smoker so I think I can take him. ;) Now if only my parents weren't sleeping upstairs. I guess my plans will have to wait for another night.


Allison said…
You crack me up!! So why not go for it while your parents are there? Not feeling THAT frisky??? lol.
Gail said…
Your house, your rules! Go to the basement...