I'm not a huge horoscope person, but over at he's usually pretty spot on. As he is again today....

Be comforted. And be loved. You deserve both experiences. And both are on offer. The world is not the harsh place you have lately begun to see it as. It is, rather, a place of contrasts and extremes. Having been to one end of the scale, you now need to visit the other. But even when life is at its toughest, you inwardly trust that it will get easier. And when it is seemingly easy, you are half on the lookout for the next hidden problem. That's what makes existence interesting - provided you go with it all. The gift that is about to be
given to you is one that it would be churlish to turn down.

So I'm wondering what my gift is going to be??? Maybe my husband won't be manic anymore? I won't want to be single again every single day and then have to hear him cry to me about me feeling that way? Maybe I'll win the lottery? Will have a better job? Any and all of those would be nice thank you!


Allison said…
Or maybe it's just that life itself (with the good, the bad and the ugly) is the GIFT. Or maybe it's the
Gail said…
Good advice for any sign. The beauty is not in the destination but in the journey not remember who said that.