Weekend whatever

Instead of my "Friday Five", I need to change it to the weekend whatever because I'm never on time with those any more. This week I didn't have a lot going on with being unemployed and all. Still haven't heard anything definite from the agency, so I may be moving on from them. I also have still never heard anything definite from unemployment. Please say a prayer for me that God would let that get approved for me--that would help SO much.
The kids are all good and I enjoy my time with them except for the nightly brawls over getting them to go to bed. They insist that it's "too cold!" in their room and try to make me feel guilty with "what if we die from hypothermia?", but I don't feel bad. That sounds horrible doesn't it? The thing is, I told them that if they cleaned the crafts up in my office and put the card table away, they could put the air mattress in there and sleep--but they've all said no because they "don't feel like it." So I figure they must not be that cold, right?
In other news, someone opened the floodgates on facebook, because this week it seems like a million people from my past found me. People from an old job I had, people from high school--literally about 20 people. Truth be told, I really can't stand facebook and think it's so boring, but since the rest of creation seems to be in love with it, I show up. It was nice to see some people that I haven't spoken to since I graduated high school (or before)--and it's good to see how good I still look compared to some of them. Okay, that came out much snarkier than I planned...I'm just sayin'.
Friday, Shawnda picked me up and we went to meet Allison & Rachel for dinner. It was like a revolving door of friends though because Rachel was there when we got there, but had to leave before Allison showed up, and then Shawnda had to leave before we did so by the end it was just Alli & me. It was crazy, but I had a great time. I miss my friends when I don't see them for a while. Afterwards, Allison came back to my house and Shawnda joined us eventually. Shawnda left around 3 in the morning when our movie was done, but Allison didn't go until around 5. It had turned into an evening of dumb "your mom (fill in the blank)" jokes and even though it's so stupid, that night it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard! Every time someone would say, "I have to pee" and I'd hear someone else say, "Your mom has to pee" we would all crack up laughing. Allison figured out how to send text messages to my home phone and spent the night sending stupid texts so that we could hear Computer Lady say stupid monotone things like, "Come on heifer! yo!" It was hillarious and I can appreciate that it was a bit like the 80's--you just had to be there to get it, but I had an awesome time.
I got to go to dinner again tonight with Shawnda and was glad to have some one-on-one time with her. I was having a rough day today--just generally agitated and blah--so I'm really glad to have gotten out of the house so that I could reset my mood.
I haven't been feeling so hot the past few days; I feel dizzy and nauseous and headachey. I didn't think much of it until tonight when Madelaine kept saying she was dizzy. I realized our carbon monoxide detector hasn't been plugged in and so I found it and plugged it in. It gave me an initial reading of 27 instead of 0. Well, that's not good is what I thought to myself as I ran to google what that meant. It says that's still a low number and the thing isn't alarming at me, but I wonder if that could account for some of these symptoms. I'm going to give it a day or so and see what happens. If I fall off the face of the earth suddenly, someone please come check on us! Just kidding--kind of.

The detector just reset to zero, so that's good right? *phew!* Maybe it just had some kinks to work out after not being used for a while.


Allison said…
I loved our time together this weekend. Ok, so I didn't get hardly anything done that I needed to, but I loved hanging with you....even if it was til 5am! I love us!! (Your MOM loves us.)
Gail said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
I love the screaming mimis that get sometime with good friends. Always after that you just can say the key word and everyone is laughing again.
I need a weekend like that!
Gail said…
Insert You between that and get on my comment. I am going have to proof these comments a little better.