Tonight the girls and I were trying to make lists of men that we thought were just absolutely delicious. While Amelia kept throwing things out like "Donald Duck", Allison & I started coming up with quite a run of them! Here are mine for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome. :)

David Beckham

George Clooney

Joaquin Phoenix

Robert Downey Jr.

David Cook

Patrick Dempsey

Ricky Martin

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Chris Nunez


Allison said…
Oh yeah! Lovin me some Ricky!!!
DJ's Mama said…
You forgot my "boyfriend" Braylon Edwards.. :)

I thought that one of the Ricky pics looks like a hot Joey Lawrence. :)
And another spanish guy would be Mark Consewelous (cant spell the last name) but Kelly Ripa's hubby.
Anonymous said…
What no color? Not that I'm into that anymore but Omar Epps, Terrence Howard, Ray J, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, oh the list is endless and I agree with DJs momma Mark Consuelos is a cutie too.
You crazy woman, you have enough color for all of us! haha j/k We all have color--just different shades, yes? ;)
Kim said…
I looooove David Cook - such a nice guy inside and out!!! :-)