Is stupidity contagious?

I got so much done today that I should get some sort of medal or something! Got Courtney's school uniforms from the "Blue Monkey" uniform shop--CHECK! Finished school supply shopping (hundreds of dollars later)--CHECK! Attended open house for the little ones--CHECK! Almost scrapped with a grandma knitting an afghan in the board of education waiting room while waiting to sign my kids up for bussing--CHECK! Yeah, I said it right. Is there something wrong with that? Doesn't everyone have that on their to-do list?
Although it sounds shameful, sadly it's true--and that grandma had it coming! I totally could've taken her if my eight-year-old hadn't held me back! Ok, so it didn't go that far. Here's the quick run-down of events.
We're sitting in a waiting room at the BOARD OF EDUCATION (um, hello!! does this not scream "CHILDREN PRESENT" to you??) and against the wall to my right there sits two women. One probably in her 30's and one in her late 50's, early 60's knitting a blanket. All of a sudden, I hear one of them say (loudly), "What's the difference between Mary Kate & Ashley? Ashley swallows!" *LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLE!*
My head spins around like I'm on The Exorcist! I lock eyes with the older one who is laughing her head off.
"Excuse me! There are CHILDREN present!" Now after this statement, I'm expecting a shocked look and maybe an apology. I always have set my expectations too high.
The older woman stares indignantly back at me, "Why are you looking at ME??? I didn't say it!" She says nastily.
"I'm not looking at you on PURPOSE--I just know that it came from one of you two and there are children present. SOMEONE needs to watch their mouth whether it's you or not!"
As the 30-something woman aka the guilty party starts to verbalize how guilty she feels, the one knitting the freakin' afghan like a mellow older woman starts yelling at me! I couldn't believe it! She screamed, "You need to ascertain your facts! I didn't say ANYTHING! ASCERTAIN YOUR FACTS!"
"I don't need to ascertain ANYTHING! And I don't know WHY you're getting snippy with me when YOU TWO are the ones at fault here!"
I sigh and respond, "Whatever..." Courtney was wanting to come out of her chair and jump on grandma. The two offenders got up and moved to a part of the waiting room far away from us, but they could still be heard saying, "We shouldn't have to watch our mouths! The kids shouldn't understand what that means anyways! IF they understand what that means then it's the PARENTS fault and they're bad parents!" I can only sigh and shake my head at the ignorance that is still floating around out there. A few years ago everyone was soooo afraid of S.A.R.S. when what they should really be afraid of cathing is stupidity!


DJ's Mama said…
o my word.. i cannot believe that they would say that around children. ya, ty and i have potty mouths, but we watch (at least we try to) our mouths when kids are around. and how ignorant of them to think that children dont know what that means or that they wont ask the parents.
go courtney for wanting to beat her up.. but good job for standing your ground and not fighting. i am sure that it took A LOT to hold it in.