Friday five

  1. So. Glad. It's. The. Weekend. I'm one tired girl.
  2. It was a crazy busy week with many a frustrating moment, but today had some really, really good moments. One of the better moments was when the hospital admitted it's mistake and agreed to pay me the rate that they first offered me (they had put over a dollar per hour less on the final paperwork). That was very nice of them considering I had nothing in writing to back up my story.
  3. We have to sit here tomorrow for an all-day cable appointment to get our FIFTH cable box in the last week. *sigh* I hope this one works. They did finally agree to give us a decent credit on our bill though.
  4. We need to find a church and start going this weekend, but seriously--HOW do people who have full-time jobs get up early every Sunday morning AND look decent??? I'm not kidding! If church was at like 3pm it would be different, but it's tough to just think about the morning thing when I'm so tired.
  5. Money's coming soon! Money's coming soon! Money's coming soon! Even though payday is still two weeks away, I know it's coming and that eases at least a little bit of a burden.


Allison said…
1.) Dude, me too. For real.

2.) Yay for more money!!!

3.) Ok, seriously, at this point, the your first month should be freakin free!!

4.) Us non morning people totally get it.