Friday five

  1. The word of the week has been: SICK. I have been down for the count miserable with bronchitis. I go from my bed to the couch and back again. I'm not well. I do feel a little better, but I don't feel good yet.
  2. The little girls went back to school this week (Courtney goes back next week). It has been a handful of days full of new experiences and a lot of anxiety. They were afraid to go to their new school but quickly realized it wasn't such a big deal. Amelia remains skeptical though and after I pointed out how quickly she made a friend while at the board of education, she quickly shot back that she was sure that was just a fluke and that she just knows she'll never make another one. lol I guess we'll see. This morning was the worst of all as they had to ride the bus home for the first time today and they were terrified. Madelaine usually does a pretty good job of being the "big girl", but this morning she was sobbing on my shoulder because she was so afraid. I gave her one of our pre-paid cellphones so that she could carry it with her and call if anything went wrong and that seemed to comfort her enough to get her day started. I prayed for them all day and by the time school ended I think they were fine. I got a few texts from her saying, "We're on!" and then, "the worst thing about this is that it's hot and I have to pee!" When all was said and done they did fine and even got home 20 minutes earlier than they were supposed to.
  3. We're looking for a church. Have a couple potential ones that we're looking at, we'll see how it plays out.
  4. Emergency room is going fine. I think I like it there because it seems a bit easier than working on the floor. Not easy as in I'm twiddling my thumbs all day, but easy as in it's pretty much routine--get 'em in, start the iv, draw labs, get them out--and clean up any puke in the meantime. This is interspersed with more ugent moments, but it's not constantly urgent. When you work the floor, you have to organize 500 things for each and every patient in your mind and that's much more draining.
  5. I still miss my friends. I was too busy last week and too sick this week to spend any time with anyone. And my dear friend Rita.... WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU??? You're not just allowed to drop off of the face of the eart--especially when you made some rather disturbing statements in your last comments on this blog. I see that you've signed into your regular myspace account--what happened to you? I don't know if I should be worried or irritated!? I miss you and am concerned--please come out of your hole and let us know that you're ok.


Kim said…
You are one busy lady! I'm really sorry to hear you've been sick. That's really the pits. I hope you are able to somehow get some rest and heal quickly. And I know the first days of school are always extremely stressful and that your kids, being new to the area, must be even more anxious than usual. I just know they will fit in fine and that time will make everything easier. Sounds like your job is going well, crazy-busy as it may be. They are blessed to have you there! :-) As for church, I hope you find one that really ministers to you all and where you can get plugged in and make lots of nice friends. Hugs to you!! ~Kim