catch-up blog

Alas it's time for the catch-up blog. I know that I haven't written anything of substance for quite some time now, but that's because there's nothing of substance going on. It really has been same ol' same ol' lately with me getting up too early after going to bed too late. I then go sit in front of a computer for more training then I come home, chill out and do it all over again.
The big news today was that I received my relocation reimbursement check that I have been waiting for. And while I don't get to enjoy but a small part of it because of what I owe to a few people, I did have enough to buy most of the kids school supplies tonight and that was a HUGE load off. HUGE. That's always one of the biggest financial crunches of the year. It seems that I live from financial crunch to crunch in a vicious cycle---->school shopping for 4 kids (usually) usually adds up to many, many hundreds of dollars----> Christmas shopping for 4 kids = many, many hundreds of dollars----> spring/summer clothes, new shoes (because against my hardest efforts, kids GROW) and then summer activities.
The good news is that this combined with a decent job now seems to be just the ticket that I needed to get my life on track financially. Hopefully that's the last "crunch" I'll be feeling. EVER. I told Scott that it was pretty sad that one of the biggest excitements today was knowing that tomorrow I can park in the parking garage at work because I have $2.00 to pay for it! lol I've been having to walk what seemed like five miles from the employee lot and by the time I get to where I'm going I'm exhausted. I want this to be the last $2.00 crisis I ever face. I went this evening and opened up a checking account at Chase and meant to open a savings too, but we were all starving and needed to get out of there. I think it would be better to open one at the credit union anyways because having them at two different locations would be better for our family for many reasons. Plus then I could open a Christmas Club account and that would help out with the aforementioned "crunches."
All in all, I can say to the curious that things are going extremely well. What's funny is that for the first time maybe ever I'm not sitting here waiting for the other shoe to drop. Things are just good. Someone even commented to me the other day after seeing some pictures how much better Scott looks too. It's true, he does. I think this will end up being such a wonderful thing for all of us. Now we just have to continue the process of getting settled, find new doctors, start school, etc. It'll happen--hopefully smoothly. Keep sending prayers and good thoughts our way!


DJ's Mama said…
I am glad that things are so much better for you guys. I truly think the fresh start is going to be so much beneficial for you all. get those evil demons out of your life... glad to have you near us.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful for you and still sending best best wishes and great peace to you. Love ya V
Shawnda Lee said…
Glad things are looking up!! New life with new wonderful blessings ;)