Three whole years of blessing the blogiverse with my GENIUS!

Happy Birthday to muh blog!
Happy Birthday to muh blog!
Happy Birthday to muh bloooo-o00g!
Happy Birthday to muh blog!
And a *pinch* on your little blog heiney for another inch!

My heart is a little sad and disappointed that it is now 11 pm and I am JUST getting home and sitting down after starting at 5am this morning. Long story for another blog, but I am SO TIRED and I have to get up in about 51/2 short hours to do it all again tomorrow! *sigh*
With that being said, I'm going to commence with celebrating my blog--my virtual portrayal of me to the world. I don't have time tonight to go forward with the HUGE shindig that I had planned, so I'll stick to something relatively simple and just celebrate it's existence and a little bit about WHY it exists.
First of all, thank you so much for all of the people who love me AND love my blog. I know many, many faithful readers that love even more to lurk in the shadows. That's ok--at least you're here. I appreciate you!
So why does this place exist to begin with? Well, short-story is that I was depressed and needed an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, which happened to coincide almost perfectely (God-thing!) with and a few close friends wanting to get closer to each other and get caught up with each other's lives.
We started out on Yahoo 360 and the name of my blog was:

"Sometimes a whisper, sometimes a bang....

Quiet observations and sometimes noisy clanks of a girls life in progress..."

I loved and enjoyed blogging in this community so much and our group came to life! The "Blogging Babes (plus Greg)" was born! We grew closer and I began to allow the cathartic process of journaling to heal my life. Time and some small problems brought a sad end to the bloggin' babes on 360 and many of us moved over to myspace. Tick, tock--time moves forward 2 1/2 years and the effects of our blogging are vast. There are some communities that I belong to that are private (where I REALLY share my feelings--and NO I won't tell you where it is! It's my private blogging place and you basically need to win a golden ticket to get in. lol). Now I have my page here on blogspot.
It's been down many roads and had many looks, this blog, but it is still here chugging along day after day. As long as there is a ME around, there will be my blog. It is a reflection of where I am in every area of my life. I love it and it is part of me--I know, a little schmarmy McSchmarmerson. That's ok. Happy Birthday blog. I hope you serve me well for years to come. You witness my growth--and need for growth. You celebrate with me and mourn. Basically, you're my best friend and I wish you all the happiness (and comment-leaving visitors) that life can bring. I heart you! Happy Birthday friend!


Kim said…
THREE years??? Wow, I didn't even know blogging had been around that long. Happy birthday INDEED to yar blog!! (I love that picture, by the way - where on earth do you find your pics??) Are you gonna take your computer out somewhere to celebrate? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Thia sure makes a person reflect on life in general. Life is constantly changing, people can move in and out of our lives, each has battles continually in some form, but it helps to find strength and encouragement in one another.
Allison said…
Aww, yay!! Happy birthday blog!!! And many many more!!!!!

P.S. Dude, has it realy been that long since the 360 days?? Wow! Where has the time gone??