Soaps forever

Today while unpacking some boxes, I came across an old box of keepsakes. In it was a card that Allison had given me back in 1990 (we had already been "Soaps" for two or three years at that point). She was getting ready to move down to this area for college--who knew that 18 years later I would be following her down here and that we would still be as close as ever! :)

Dear Veronica,
I want you to know that no matter where I live, we'll always be the best of friends because "there's a greater love that holds us." You have been the greatest friend a person could ask for. Though we've had a few bad times, our good times outweigh them all. Thank you so much for just being there whenever I just needed a friend.
Always remember that even though we probably won't see each other much, we'll still be the very best of friends and also remember that it feels great to be frozen! Yeah! And know what? Farting rules!
You really are great. Who else would I act so stupid and say such gross things around? I'm really gonna miss you, but don't worry, we will get together. Thanks again so much for just being my #1 Soap Nose! :)
I love you! Love, Allison SOAPS FOREVER!