From the desk of Ms. VJB

To: Allison_at_home, Shawnda_at_home, Rachel_at_home, Megan_at_work

Subject: Bickering children

After being informed that the home we JUST rented is still for sale and being shown TOMORROW, I have forced my children upstairs to clean their filthy bedrooms.

Said children are now fighting like cats and dogs and screaming things like "SHUT UP!" and "I DON'T HAVE TO SHUT UP!" at each other.

Time outs have taken place and beatings (ok, a swat on the butts) have been threatened.

I have decided to blame the toxins in the environment and the hormones added to modern meat vs. my parenting skills.

Please be advised that as aunts-in-residence you are on notice of possible need to adopt aforementioned children if they don't cease and desist immediately.


Allison said…
Sounds like an early bed time night for the Baum household!!!
DJ's Mama said…
What the heck? How can they show the house when you are living in it? Don't you get it for a year.
If you need to send a kid or two over, feel free.. I have some housework that can be done too.. hehehe