Helloooo, my name is Gwen and I'm here to warsh yer vagina!


Why didn't someone tell me???!!! Here I am bashing and judging the non-reality tv watchers and I (yeah, ME!) had NO IDEA that Margaret Cho was coming out with her own show!!! HELLO!!! She is only my favorite comic EVER! Yes, she is foul-mouthed (unfortunately like me) and YES she has a filthy sense of humor (ok, also like me), but I love every bit of her anyways! And NOW she has a new show! (I can hear clouds part and hallelujah choirs singing).
I talk about her ALL the time (mostly copying what she says, but who's counting)! I was just telling Allison about her the other day when through her laughter she asked me where I came up with the "John Goodman" bit (where I jokingly say that I've gained so much weight I look like John Goodman) and I told her it was from Margaret Cho--her Notorious C.H.O. tour where she joked that if she was ever going to be with a woman she would want to choose because she wouldn't want some feminine girly-girl...she wants a big bull-dyke that looks like John Goodman. lol
She makes me laugh so hard that I can't breathe--like need an inhaler can't breathe. And I pee my pants! Literally! She is one of the few people that make me laugh so hard that I usually actually pee myself. She's just that funny to me.
Anyways, here is a video (not one of the funniest, but definitely one of the bits that have stuck with me and I have quoted over the years!). It's about Gwen the nurse's assistant and how bad her job is that she has to go around all day saying, "HELLO! MY NAME IS GWEN AND I'M HERE TO WARRRRSH YER VAGINA!" ROFLMAO--ok, I've gotta quit. :) Probably just another example of my retarded sense of humor, BUT I'm not ashamed! I'm proud of my retarded sense of humor! Go on Margaret Cho with your bad self!