Her milkchake bring all dee boyz to dee yard

How many people out there A-D-O-R-E Zoila ( my favorite housekeeper EVER) as much as I do??? Take note: if you have to ask WHO she is, you're too far out of the loop! Come back to the loop immediately!!! For the record, I heart her and I want to join the Zoila fan club. She cracks me up so bad!


Guess I'm out of the Loop! Help me!!!! :)D
DJ's Mama said…
i am out of the loop too.....

please help me into the loop. :)
She's from "Flipping Out"--you all need to watch more reality television immediately!!! ;)
DJ's Mama said…
i have not heard of that show before.. dude i watch so much reality tv, i wonder who would play me in a show or which show i should join.. heheehe
What's Flipping Out? Whew, I guess I need help! :)