That's amore!

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amoreeeeeeee!" I sing after I realize that as I am changing my clothes and bending over to pick something up, I am standing smack-dab in front of my bedroom window that faces an extremely busy street. Of course the blind was shut, but I'm always sure it's never shut just quite enough to prevent someone driving by from glancing at my house at just the precise moment to see my white butt staring at them out of my bedroom window.
As soon as I begin singing Scott realizes why I'm singing, giggles and then joins in my little song. It's hillarious to me that THIS would be the first situation in a long time that made me enjoy my husband and feel like we were bonding. ;)


Shawnda Lee said…
That is hilarious!!
Allison said…
Now that's funny right there!!
Greg said…
Well, now I know WHY it's such a busy street!!
Heehee thanks Greg. ;)