Odd Google searches

  1. Kim notevenatshirt (hmmmm, I wonder who this could have been?)
  2. cutie babies
  3. birthday spankings
  4. email is for ameteurs tshirt (what??)
  5. i love you more than ice cream kitty
  6. "picturea of i love my pork chops"
  7. scott notevenatshirt (hmmmm, I wonder who this could have been too?)
  8. tshirt crazy vb (umm, hello? Do I know you?)
  9. stefan, rita & emma
  10. http://notevenatshirt.blogspot.com (why not just type it into the address bar? what were you googling it for?)


Kim said...

It wasn't this Kim! I have had some weird searches, too, and always wonder who the people are!

notevenatshirt vb said...

I know it wasn't you. lol Unfortunately, I know exactly who it was and I don't think it's very nice that they come to my blog every day. I think it's mean and I wouldn't want to be dealing with the karma coming their way because the motive behind constantly rubbing salt in my wounds isn't founded in anything good.

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