What a girl wants

What I want:
For it to be a comfortable 71.5 degrees all year round.
My old pants to fit past my thighs again
A cute haircut after the unfortunate ambien moment I had the other night. Oh well, I'm just going to pretend that I did it on purpose and claim to be bringing sexy back in the form of the unfortunate-5th-grade-bangs (you all know what I mean---everyone has a bad 5th grade picture after their moms tried to cut their bangs the night before and got them way too short and a bit crooked. Yeah, I thought so.). Trust me on this--whenever your bangs try to convince you that short bangs are a good thing (when you're used to long, side-swept bangs), just tell it to shut up.

A man that's smarter than me who will give me good "brain" on a regular basis.
While I'm at it, I want a man who appreciates my sometimes biting wit and actually gets it. A guy who when such wit comes spewing out of my mouth doesn't look at me like I'm satan or worse yet, IGNORE me like he's not even going to dignify my genius with a response. HOW did I marry someone who is not one of "us"??? And by "us" I mean me and the voices.


Allison said…
*sigh* don't we all??
Kim said…
OH yes, I can relate to the bangs!! So sorry to hear you got shredded!! My bangs and I have always had a love/hate relationship. Mostly hate. Can never get the stylist to cut them like I ask. And then when I hack on them, well, there are just no words... thankfully hair does grow back... though it takes FOREVERRRR!!! I feel for ya, lady!