I may no longer celebrate his birthday or our anniversary, but this is a day that I will celebrate for the rest of my life! December 18th is now and will forever be known as the day that God's justice visited our family. For those of you who've only met me recently, my ex-husband aka son of the devil was found out (on 12/18/02) to be hurting my little girl. Turns out he had been hurting her for two years every night when I was at work. His selfishness left a wake of destruction behind him in the form of little girls who would lose their father, the innocence of a little girl who will forever be changed by his evil need and he is one of the major building blocks in the anatomy of bitterness that is me today.

The night I found out, after I beat the hell out of him, he stole ALL of our money and our family vehicle (leaving us destitute and without even one Christmas gift for the kids right before Christmas) and tried to run from the police. He made it to Illinois before God got ahold of his conscience and convinced him to turn around and come back. The ONLY positive thing that I can say about him is that he fessed up from the instant he was discovered and he turned himself in. He has been there ever since and is currently incarcerated in prison in Marion, Ohio where I hope he rots. Or is subjected to the same rape every night that he inflicted on my little girl. He will be there until 12/17/2011 and I am still struggling with whether or not I will be trying my best to move on and never think of him again, or if I will haunt him for the rest of his life making sure that every neighbor he ever has knows that he is a sexual predator. He even tried to molest our babysitter it turns out, so I want EVERYONE to know who he is and stay safe from him.



Gail said…
I am so sorry!
Allison said…
Justice prevails.