In case this big ol' sky should fall on our heads

I was just watching "Little People Big World" (does anyone else watch that show?) and their good family friend Mike passed away. It was such a sad episode because over the years these people have been in our home and have become like our family. I cried for the loss of this man that I had never met and for the pain that this family that I haven't met either, yet care for like family and their broken hearts.

I started thinking about the people in my life that I might talk to often--or maybe not, as there are a ton of people that I love that I don't talk to very often anymore--but yet I don't take the time to tell them how much I have appreciated them and their place in my life. Family, friends, kids, loves (old and new), even all of my school friends that I have recently reconnected with--you have all played an integral part in making me who I am. Every phone call I receive, hug I give, patient I take care of, comment I receive on this blog...they are all building blocks in my life.

So, in case this big ol' sky should fall on our heads--I love you all. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, whether short-term or long-term, thank you. Love y'all!


Gail said…
You watch too much tv! Just kidding. I agree with all you said, we always think there is plenty of time. Sometimes, there is no tomorrow.
Allison said…
Awww, I love you too V!! I can't imagine my world without YOU in it!!!