Six Sentences Sunday

  1. Scott is still at the shelter and there is nothing really new to report there.
  2. Had a rough patch yesterday, he continues to confuse me.
  3. Have a lot to do, yet am so bored, which makes me boring and I don't have much to say.
  4. Trying to relax and it isn't working so well because I'm pretty stressed out.
  5. On Facebook TOO much.
  6. Am glad that my guilt is subsiding in most areas.


Brit' Gal Sarah said…
Pleased to hear things are settling down.
Allison said…
Six Comments...

1.)I'm glad he has a place to stay.

2.)He has issues.

3.)I think I'm boring too.

4.)Wish I could relax too, but I'm too busy this week. Sigh....

Gail said…
Hang in will get easier. I love Allison's comments.
I ditto hers.
Robert McEvily said…
Gotta say I love your sixiness!
lol Why thank you! ;)