Project knit a scarf


Ok, let me start off by saying that these are not necessarily my first choice of colors--but they are my daughters and the scarf is hers, so it's all good. When it was just the blue and hot pink, it was actually pretty cute but I quickly discovered that I wouldn't have enough yarn. The only colors the store had were pink, white and she chose light pink. So basically, it will be a light pink scarf with bright stripes at either end. It'll turn out cute for her I think. Anyways, this is how much I have done on day three. Maybe I'll be done by Christmas. Or New Years. Or by NEXT winter.


Gail said…
Looking good! I croquetted these furry scarves one year and everyone loved them.
Allison said…
How cute!! And it looks like it's gonna be so soft and warm!!! =]