Friday five

  1. Took the kids to Indiana today for a long weekend with friends which translates to lots of quiet time for me. :)
  2. Because of this, I had a lovely 3 hour (plus) long dinner with friends and loved every moment of it.
  3. I've discovered my favorite "Lawsons" chip dip, which they sell at Circle K as it turns out. There is no better chip dip anywhere.
  4. Considering going back to school. I should have been graduating this summer but because of the leave of absence I took, who knows how long it will be.
  5. I dug up a ton of old (I'm talking Jr. High-ish) pictures and put them on facebook for all of my old friends to enjoy. Some of them were so bad! But everyone has enjoyed them a great deal. There's been an explosion of people on facebook in the past few weeks that I grew up with and it has been so awesome to get reaquainted with everyone.


Gail said…
Every one needs me time. It is vital!
Glad you were able to relax a little.
Allison said…
Isn't facebook great?? (Oh, and I love your old pictures too. Takes me back. And nice how you even slipped me in there with Maziar Never... Ha!)