Punky Brewster

Friday, 11:55 pm, McDonald's drive-thru. I'm sitting in the passengers seat of a van. Cashier opens window and spies me through the dark car and says, "You know who you look like??? PUNKY BREWSTER!!!"
Smiling I say, "Yeah, I've heard that before."
*end scene*

The thing is, I haven't heard that for like twenty years! lol Junior high, I think. I think maybe I looked like her back then, but now? Oh well. I'll take it as a compliment that I suppose I haven't changed a bit. I thought it was funny though.


Gail said…
Allison said…
Ok, well...you do kinda look like her, but who ever thinks about Punky Brewster these days???
WOW, you do look like her,but Alli's right, who would pull that character out these days!
You're beautiful in my book!
Gibby said…
LOL, that is funny! Good point about who thinks of Punky Brewster anymore. I did like her, though. Wait, did I just say that?