No news is good news

I'm happy to announce that there is nothing new here on the home front. No changes, no drama--all fantastic. *breathe out*

I left my phone in the living room and turned off the ringers on the home phones so that I would be able to sleep peacefully (the kids didn't have school today). When I woke up, I checked both of the phones and.....NO CALLS! woot woot! Okay, so it's because Scott slipped on a wet floor while washing his clothes in the sink of the shelter and hurt his back and was in the emergency room (really injured? wanting pain meds? Things that make you go hmmmm.), but at least MY home was peaceful.

The day continued on the same way and I spent the day catching up with friends on facebook and playing some games. This afternoon and evening, the girls and I made Christmas cookies. Tonight, we watched some tv and ate way too many of those Christmas cookies. And now, I just got my butt kicked in Scramble and Word Twist on facebook by a guy from high school and I think I'm heading to bed! Yes, it was a sweet, sweet day.


Allison said…
Sounds like a great way to spend a day.....drama free!!!