Class, not crass!

In this day and age when lives are so busy and things are so "convenient" that we never have to leave our homes or get out of our cars, how are single, young females supposed to meet decent men? There just aren't the opportunities anymore. So where do you go? The internet, of course.

Oh, the internet isn't what it used to be...thank goodness! Back in the early to mid 90's hardly anyone had internet access. People were just learning about the "world wide web" and "http://". The internet was a place where mainly geeks and pervs hung out (and then there was me...totally normal of course lol). The online population is now very mainstream with everyone from your preacher to your grandma on there chatting, playing games and checking their email 24/7. So really, the stigma that "online dating" once carried has greatly diminished lately. The problem is this...FOR THE MOST PART, men are still men...and men still think primarily with the head found south of their belt buckles.

By the way, I'm talking about strangers...people that don't know you or me from Adam. People whom we have never met or chatted with before. Just as women learned to avoid the sleazy bar scenes....I have learned that there are certain neighborhoods on the web where I just don't go unless I want to face sleazy men...although NOWHERE is totally safe. I can't even play yahoo gin most of the time because before the first "knock" I'll probably have been hit on, asked to cyber and emailed naked pictures of some nasty old man standing naked in front of his mirror taking a picture of himself and his penis. What is wrong with people these days??? And let me say this ladies!!! are not doing much better! Why do men think that they can treat us this way??? couldn't be because of the naked-ass pictures of yourselves that you put on every website and myspace page you can get your hands on is it? Now hear me on this...Women, for the most part, have willingly dumbed themselves down to a piece of meat and are back-pedaling us right back into being objectified. Who is going to come behind us? What kind of daughters and nieces are we raising? VIDEO GIRLS...that's what kind. All they see are arched backs, thongs, and hair extensions. They are NOT learning to use their brains or their brawn...they're learning to use their bodies. And objectification aside, there's a WHOLE OTHER BLOG on the problems that come with only using your bodies! Anorexia/bulemia, drug use, depression and suicide...and less female leaders in every area that you can think of because they're too busy wondering what guy is going to drool over their hot (usually enhanced) bodies to worry about any kind of significant difference in this world.

Wow...I never expected, or anticipated this blog taking this path! Thought it was going to be something else entirely. lol But as usual, I pray about what God wants me to write about. I usually start with a general idea and keep praying about it...then I just see where he takes me. I type as the words come. I planned on this blog being something light and actually a little funny, but I guess it's meant to be a serious thing...and that's okay too. To me, that means that someone reading this blog needed to hear this message. And frankly, I'm probably preaching to myself too. Just like everyone else, I can get caught up in all of that "stuff" from time to time. The problem isn't necessarily with "the stuff"...there's nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty (of course not! God made you beautiful and implanted that desire in you!), and there's nothing wrong with wanting some attention, or even with flirting. Nothing wrong with that stuff. The problem comes when that's the only thing you're putting out there. I love to be sexy. I love to be pretty. I love to flirt. Those are all indwelling characteristics that make up the unique brand of "Veronica" that God created. But when that's all someone sees in me I tend to get very offended and turned off. I want someone to see my entire package. I want them to be turned on by my brain, my spirit, my sense of humor and think I'm pretty. I love being a full-package. I want a man to know that if he has something to say that I'm probably going to have an opinion about it...and I might agree or I might debate him. I want him to know that I have a moral compass. I happen to be pretty open minded and a bit more liberal than most of my friends, but I still have a pretty strong compass in there and am surprisingly more traditional than most people first think. I am the sum of my parts....not just another pretty face.

I just want to grab some of the girls (and unfortunately women) and ask them what is wrong with them??? Why are you willing to make yourself a rock when you're really a diamond? Why would you want some strangers drooling words to ooze all over your body? Just to meet his filthy needs? Do you think you're special to him because he desires you? Honey, you have just made yourself a dime a dozen. Because with the click of a mouse he's going to be able to find someone just as pretty, if not prettier than you who's also willing to "dance" for him.

Girls you've gotta choose class...not crass...for all of our sakes!


veronica said…
This is the blog that brought you to me. This is the one you said made you stop and say, "Who IS this woman? I've gotta know more about her." 5.07.06. I miss you terribly. I'm glad I wrote this. I'm glad you read it. I'm glad you're my friend. My forever friend. I love you round trip, till the bumpers fall off.