I should've tried this years ago!

I wrote the other day about how I decided to do some spring cleaning with my email address book and messenger list. I have been growing tired of one-sided relationships for quite some time now as well as long-lost friends that never seem to have time to communicate. Well if I had known what good things would start coming my way...and how quickly I would've done that a long time ago! :)

One of the people that I had deleted was a guy that I grew up with. He has been such a dear part of my life over the years but has just fallen away recently. Growing up he had a killer crush on me. He'd spend all of his money at the fair trying to win me a prize he knew I'd like. Every day during summer break I could count on him calling at 11:00 every day on his break at work just to see how I slept. I call him "Ducky" (if you've ever seen "Pretty In Pink" you'll know why...and if you haven't then shame on you! lol) Well, the day after I deleted him he sent me a message saying hello and asking how I'd been because he'd been thinking about me. It was nice to hear from him and we talked for a couple of hours. Then a few days later I got an even bigger surprise.

When I was high school I dated a guy named Scott (fitting isn't it? lol what is it about that name?). We fell fast and hard. I think he was my first love. I dated a couple of people before him, and for longer than him, but I never had the feelings for them like I did for him. To this day thinking about him makes my heart pitter pat. Well, for a silly teenage reason I broke up with him and when a day or so later I realized what a mistake I had made I asked my step-brother Kevin to talk to him (since they were good friends). Well I didn't know then what a diabolical & sick plan Kevin had going the entire time (believe me, that's a whole other blog!) and because of this he kept us apart. He came home and told me that Scott said to never speak to him again. I cried for days and days. When I worked at West Shore I was surprised one day when I took care of a man with the same last name and it turned out to be his dad. He told me that Scott would be there any minute to visit and that I must come in and see him. I was so afraid to be rejected by him because of what Kevin said that I didn't go in. I hid the whole time he was there. I actually peeked at one point and saw him....he was beautiful...just like I remembered. I cried in the bathroom and bargained with someone else to take care of his dad while he was there. After that I found out the truth about Kevin and he had admitted everything he had done with Scott (and many other people including my husbands). I started looking for Scott everywhere that I could, for the past five years I've been unsuccessful.

As you all know, I've been getting my myspace account up and running again. I figured it's time to give it another try...but I'm not letting my kids anywhere near it! Anyways, just because I always try everywhere I can, I went to the search part and typed in his name...and up his picture popped in front of me! I just stared at it for a moment. He was definitely older and he looks like he's seen alot of life. Not the same clean-cut baby-faced boy I knew...but I could still see him plain as day. I immediatetly whipped off a message to him asking "are you him?" and within a few hours I got one back saying it sure was. We chatted on messenger all day today and it feels so good to have yet another full-circle moment in my life. Closure. Peace. Happiness.
I keep thinking that I should've done this long ago, but it wasn't time then. When it's time for things to happen...they happen. I had such a great day.