"Wherefore comfort yourselves together"

I received a disturbing email today talking about how Iranian leaders are passing a law requiring all Jews and Christians to wear badges identifying them holocaust-style. To say this bothered me is an understatement.

When I read this I was reminded of a conversation I had last night with one of my patients. She is an older lady that I grew up in church with and whenever I'm her nurse she tends to talk my ear off. lol I'm not necessarily complaining...just stating facts. Her vision has gotten pretty bad over the years and last night I asked her what the one thing she misses most about having her sight was and her response was this.... "Being able to read my Bible." Now I hear people say things like this all the time really, and it never affects me much, but last night it did. God has been working on me lately, more than usual it seems. I've gotten out of balance in my life and he's drawing me back in, like he lovingly does from time to time. The thing about being out of balance is that I'm not really doing anything horrible. I'm not out drinking and drugging, etc. I just haven't been reading my Bible and going to church like I'm supposed to. Other things in my life have been taking precedence...and I'm feeling the effects.

I'm usually keenly aware of the blessings in my life. Getting behind on my bills and living paycheck to paycheck for a while now I'm even more grateful for the things in my life (like my home) that could be gone with a bad month or so. After everything we've been through I know just how easily one of my kids could get hurt. After being so sick, I'm aware of how fragile health is and easily a job can be lost. And now lately I've been reminded more and more frequently how much I should appreciate the privilege of openly being a Christian and being to not only read, but own a Bible.

It really is a privilege. As Americans we are so blessed in many ways, and this is one. I am blessed as a woman to have the rights that I do. I don't have to depend on a man or tolerate abuse. I am educated and gainfully employed. I own property. I can freely voice my views and opinions....just like others can unfortunately.

Okay, I have to pause here. This is in no way an invitation for a bunch of comments and emails about your political opinions... but I've gotta say.... THERE'S SOMETHING TO BE SAID FOR LOYALTY PEOPLE. It has to be the number one quality I look for in people. You people have a right to not like our president if you don't want to, or if you don't agree. But the people that really get me were all of the Bush supporters that have now turned their backs on him and bash him at every opportunity(and don't get me started on the people who didn't even VOTE and still bash him). Yes, he may be struggling and have lost his way in a few places...but I believed in him then and supported him THEN... I refuse to turn my back on him now! What a nation of fickle, fair-weather people we have. Have you ever thought about praying for him? Lack of loyalty is one thing that gets me. Cheating boyfriends and husband, fairweather friends, etc. LOYALTY! LOOK IT UP...IT'S A GOOD THING.