The best thing

The other day a friend of mine wrote a blog letting each of us in her "circle" know what she felt about us. She said some very touching things to each of us and it moved me so much that I decided to do the same thing. So in an attempt to do my best each day and live life to it's fullest (something I was just reminded of by another friend) I've decided to let each of my girls know some things that I feel about them before it's too late. Just like every time I was in NYC I planned on going to the top of the World Trade Center but always put it off till next never know when you won't have another chance.

My group of friends are proof positive that you don't have to live in the same zip code to have great relationships. As a matter of fact, I don't have one friend in the same zip code as me. lol And I only have 2 within a half-hour of me. The rest are scattered all over the eastern United States. Some I grew up with, some are new friends, and a few I found myself stranded in Louisiana with when I was only 17 and our husbands were in the army together. Isn't it funny how both college and military friendships always form a special bond? You may not talk all the time, but the bond is always there.

I was listening to music (as I almost always am) and one of my favorite songs came on. It's "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me" by Gladys Knight & The Pips. If you can download it, you should. It made me think of all of you. Here's the chorus:
If anyone should ever write my life story For whatever reason there might be Oh, you'll be there between each line of pain and glory 'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me



To my oldest friend. When I was 13 years old you informed me that we were going to be friends and it was the beginning of a beautiful thing. Sometimes closer than others, but never too far apart. Our friendship is so natural...even down to the way it ebbs and flows (just like the ocean and the phases of the moon). We are so much alike and yet we can be so different. You are one of the most complex people I know...and I love that most about you. You can be the most stubborn person I've ever met...and yet you also are the most compassionate and kindhearted person I know. I love the grace you show in difficult circumstances and your ability to keep a calm head even when you are steaming inside. I love that you love details as much as I do...even more so...even down to decorating the envelopes that you send cards out in. I love that in you I am validated so often. Who else besides me would drive across a whole state just to be there for people she loved when they needed it? You would. Even when other people don't understand you...I do. And I love you my Soap. Forever.


One of my teachers in this life on the subject of perseverance and forgiveness. And also on how not to take things too personally. We have our own language and no one can make me laugh the way you do. You are one of the two wittiest people I have ever known...and you are the one who taught me how to laugh. Growing up I was too shy to laugh out loud very much and then during my 9 years of hell I just didn't laugh. Nothing was funny and I didn't want to get punished or judged if I did find something funny. I remember after he was gone being taken by surprise one day at the sound of my own was so foreign to me...and it was because of you. We have cried together, praised together, "ROR'd" together and shared way too many secrets together. You have a sincere and genuine heart and I can't wait to see you become the person you've always supposed to have been. YOU GROW GIRL!!! ;)


Sweet & God-loving. Opinionated and loyal. I just love you to pieces!! :) From the moment I met you I have been so at ease with you. I're a friend of Allisons? That's good enough for me! And I was right. You have been such a tremendous blessing in my life. You are funny and beautiful. You inspire me every single time I talk to you to walk a closer walk and love the Lord even just a little more than I already do. And your loyalty (like telling that guy what he can do with his naked-penis pictures!) is very moving to me. I love you Pew!!


One of my newest friends who I'm hoping to get to know more and more over time. You have to be one of the funniest/craziest people I've ever met!! Allison always said, "I really want you two to meet because out of all my friends she's the only one as crazy as you." :) Your humor aside though, you have been one of the main supporters of my "growth". You always have an encouraging word to say or positive feedback about my blog. Your comments sometimes have made me think about things in a whole new way (like the time you reminded me to read my 'hay-zus' blog as Jesus...what a beautiful parallel). You have reminded me that it's okay to be myself. That you can want to be pretty and still be funny and crazy. That you don't have to fit into anyones box. That it's okay to try and convince the world that you are an artist even when you like to color outside the lines. Thank you. :)


First of all, let me pubicly apologize for any torture I/we put you through growing up. lol I know that it's not cool to lock someone out of the room. And it's really not cool to convince them that it's a really neat thing to sleep in a closet. hahahahaha (I'm sorry but it still cracks me up! lol) You have grown from the little sister of my best friend into a beautiful woman that I am proud to call my friend. You have never met a stranger and I've learned from you how to be more confident and comfortable around people I don't know. Through your eyes I have been shown just how girly and sentimental I can be. I've also been reminded how beautiful it can be to have a passion for something in life. You and your football...I still don't get it. lol But I want to. But even though I don't get it, it's given me a desire to renew my passion for some things in my life that I had forgotten about...and to get passionate about some things I had never allowed myself to delve into. I know you've been going through alot lately and that you're frustrated that things aren't going exactly as planned. I hope that in some small way I can be an encouragement to you. It WILL all work out and until it does I pray for your heart to be comforted. I love you Megan...keep on keepin on babe!

To all of the other "bloggin babes"....I hope to get to know you better. I've enjoyed your stories and appreciate each and every one of you.