Forget about the boy!

Ambien confessions....

If you could go back and do everything all over again, what job would you take? Let me clarify that. I'm talking wildest dreams...if you could do or be anything...what would it be? A firefighter? A teacher? A model or singer? An artist? I would've learned to dance and tap when I was little and I would've been a broadway dancer. Tapping along in Thoroughly Modern should see me tappin under my desk when "Forget About the Boy" plays! lol I listen to that song ON A LOOP! and do all the choreography. LOL

Showtunes make my heart thump! And I love to go see the shows even more. Those are some of my favorite times. As a little girl going to see Camelot...Richard Harris ran right by me and the kings robe rubbed my arm....I was hooked. I LOVED the theatre! My favorite as a child was Fiddler On The Roof...I got to see it when Topol was still playing lucky! He's the only one I want to see in that role! Taking my kids to see the Lion King and watching their faces light up. After Jesus and I broke up he came back one day bringing me chinese food and saying that he got 2 tickets to see Chicago because he knew I'd want to go. That was the best gift ever! Loved it. And earned him an extra bootie call post-breakup. LOL

There is nothing like the theatre. Nothing. It's an entirely different magical world. Anything is possible there...on that stage...with those lights. Fairytales can be real up there...if only for a few hours. And the music! Ah you can't beat the's some of my favorite of all time! I stronger....J'ADORE! Thoroughly Modern Millie....cast with Sutton Foster. Her voice....ahhhhh. I sing those songs all the time. Particularly "Forget about the boy" and "Jimmy." Love them. I love any shows with big tap numbers in them. Of course I LOVE Chicago. Always have...even before it became "cool" a few years ago. lol

I used to call Amelia my little "Broadway Baby"because as a preschooler all of her favorite songs were showtunes. LOL She's walk around the house singing "The minute you walked in the joint...Hey big spenda!" while twirling a pretend necklace around her neck. lol Or get real theatrical with "All That Jazz"...she'd sing it just like they did too. It was too funny. She was only 3 or so, but she knew what she loved. And so do I.

So that's my final answer. If I could go back in time to do absolutely ANY job I would want to, it would have to be a broadway dancer/tapdancer. That would just be amazing. My heart would be right at home. Ok, now your turn! :)