I'm always…late no matter how hard I try not to be. (Allison, i'm taking some of your answers because we're so alike! lol)

• I love saying...i love you

• I think flowers are...emotional and inspiring

• My favorite Beatles song is..."Something" (the song Taylor sang tonight)

• My parents are...better with age.

• I hate...getting up in the morning.

• I love…dusk. I call it the magic hour. I feel so alive then and everything looks beautiful.

• I was born...late. Guess I was setting the trend for my life. lol

• Sometimes I try too hard…to keep relationships going.

• I work well on things...when I am doing them for someone else.

• My childhood was...not the best.

• My high school was...the best.

• I love to read books about...ways to better my life.

• I'm addicted to...the stupid internet.

• I drink too much...diet pop.

• My earliest memory is...well, i have glimpses from pretty early, but not sure about my 1st real memory. i'd have to think about it. I have alot from the same time.

• The last place I went on vacation was...The Bahamas and Ft. Lauderdale. I've been to NYC since then but I don't consider that a vacation...too much work.

• I want to live closer to...to the water.

• The President is... someone with a really stressful job that I would never want to have. I need to try to remember to pray for him more often.

• Kids can be...exhausting

• Kids were mean to me when they...kids really weren't mean to me. Larry Lavigne and Eric Elkins in 6th grade were mean to me. They called me names.

• I despise it when...people try to bully me or are too pushy

• If I could go anywhere it would be...a warm, quiet beach. Lounge chair, cool drink, peace and quiet

• I love to shop...just about anywhere

• Malls are a really fun place to... go Christmas shopping!!

• I had fun when...I threw parties! Haven't thrown one for a year now. It's one of the very rare times that I totally let myself go and have fun. I'm in the safety of my home surrounded by people I love.

• I thought it was hilarious when...I can't say it on here...it's too crude. lol It involved a patient and some nasty stuff. Thank God she had a sense of humor.

• I love my friends even though they...all have lives and I don't talk to them all the time. Thank God for blogging...it's how we keep up with each other.

• Life is...too short.

• I love the TV show...Huff.

• I don't get enough time to...spend time by myself. The older I get, the more I appreciate alone time!

• One of the nicest things someone has ever done for me is...Drive four hours so that I wouldn't be alone seeing the evil one in court for the first time.

• When no one's around, I really like to...sing outloud.

• If you want to see me go crazy, you should talk to me about…the evil one or Randy

• If I had a million dollars… I would sooooo quit my job and stay at home!!! I love being at home!!!

• My dream college would be…instantaneous

• My dream job would be...laying by the pool telling my hottie pool boy what to do (good answer A! lol)

• I want someone to...clean my house for me

• I hope...that I get my finances straightened out this year.

• I would like...to have all the answers.

• I dream about...living happily ever after

• I have nightmares about...I don’t really think I have nightmares.

• In 5 years, I want to...be happy at whatever I am doing!!!

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