Oh no you di-n't!

Ambien confessions....

Have you ever been around someone and they start doing something that you wouldn't normally ordinarily do on your own(could be anything...shopping, dancing, gossiping, making out, etc.)...but it's no big deal so you join in and follow their lead.....................and then they stop and say maybe it wasn't a good idea, etc. while you're full-force in what their idea was? It doesn't matter what the situation is...you know the kind of thing I'm talking about. And then you feel really stupid and embarrassed and you're thinking, "well listen pal...this was your idea in the first place! Whatever!" I hate that. And I don't react well when I'm in those situations where I feel stupid like that.... a little bit 'o Nat usually peeks out at them getting defensive or snippy.

I guess it's just another rock being thrown at my head to remind me to be true to myself and to quit doing shit I wouldn't normally do right? Then that couldn't happen to me. Oh well....just a little bit of Ambien-induced sleepy venting......yes friends, the truth serum is on board! lol Of course I'm not going to spill all my dirty little secrets to you like I did to Carl and then to Allison the other day! hahaha That was so funny. Seeing people come up to me the next few days saying, "are you okaaaaaay? do you remember talking to me?" LOL Well, no but I'm sure it wasn't all that bad! Oh, it was? Oh well, at least it you I told it to! :) heehee

Truth serum I tell you....this is the stuff the CIA should be using! Yes my friends, say it with me (my new anthem).....