Soul patrol!

Tonight it was down to the final three! Oh man what a tough choice! I love all three of them. Actually even though I love all three of them, "my boys" have a special place in my heart.
I adore Elliott...I really do. He has an amazing voice, but even more than that when you look at him you can just see the joy behind his eyes. Just from looking at him you can tell that he has the sweetest spirit...and I love that. I respond to that. He's humble and he's kind. But I gotta say...


From the moment of the audition I have been a HUGE Taylor Hicks fan. Oh let me count the ways that I love that man! lol Okay, yes he looks like he's having a seizure most of the time lol, but that sexy I can hardly contain myself. That is the kind of voice that I want to hear in the dark. There's something about a gravelly, soulful voice that "gets me"....and you can imagine what that does to a girl. Oh man....okay moving on. lol Anyways, just like Elliott, Taylor seems to have such a sweet and kind spirit. You can see the love of music in his eyes and in his big goofy smile. And to be honest one of the reasons I liked him right away is because of the hair. I always have been drawn to men who don't look "commercially" handsome. I love a gorgeous guy just like the rest of you, but I love to see the beauty in other places. Outward appearances have never mattered to me and I LOVE it when people who aren't necessarily mainstream get ahead in one way or's awesome. Okay blah blah blah....I've gotta get back to the voice. lol When he "turns it on" and gets in his zone...simply and purely superb. He has such an organically soulful voice and I've always said he reminds me of Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, Ray Charles...any of those guys that I love, love, love. It's no coincidence that he sang a couple of their songs tonight. He sang two of my ALL-TIME favorite songs tonight.... "You Are So Beautiful" and "Try A Little Tenderness".... the latter of which I listen to on a loop all the time. I just can't get enough of it and he did such a good job. He also would've done a great job singing "These Arms Of Mine" (also by Otis Redding).

I know how upset alot of you are about Chris getting the boot last week. Honestly, I was as surprised as the rest of you. Chris is amazing. Pure and simple. He wasn't my favorite though for a couple of reasons...first, he's not very personable...second, there's no doubt that he's going to have a HUGE career with or without American Idol...he just didn't need this win.
Anyways...I'm so glad to see Taylor come this far. If it's between he and Elliott I'll be happy either way. But I sure am crazy about that guy. Soul Patrol!