What famous person have you been told you look like?

 Like it or not,
Monica Lewinsky
is the person that I have most often been told I look like.

I have actually been mistaken for her not once, but TWICE.
Once in a deli in Times Square....
They wanted to take my picture and put me on their wall of celebrities
(I should have done it for the free food)
and then once by one of my patients,
who may or may not have been a little senile.

Some people think it's an insult,
but I actually take it as a compliment.
I think she's very pretty & intelligent & obviously passionate.
The mere fact that she got caught up in a love affair that wasn't
wise or good for her, only makes me identify with her more.

It could be worse!
After all, I often most identify myself with looking like
John Goodman!
I'll take it.

♥ veronica