Did you guys watch American Idol this week?

I'm watching the second part right now
this girl from Tennessee shook my jug.

When I first saw her, I have to admit that I
looked at her with judgmental eyes, thinking
that she wasn't the prettiest girl I've ever seen,
and that she needed her teeth whitened, etc.

And then I felt the familiar tug on my heart
that I feel when God is trying to speak to me.

As I looked at her with critical thinking,
I could hear God saying,
"I love her.  I love her as much as I love you.  I am enchanted with her."

*soak it in*

Before I knew it, I found myself crying a little bit
because I could see into her heart and for just a moment,
I could see some of what God sees.
I found myself rooting for her
because I could feel how genuine she was,
and I could feel how proud God was of her.

Every woman just wants to be beautiful,
and sometimes we need to look beyond the obvious.

Because he is enchanted with her beauty...
and yours...
and mine.

♥ veronica