They got me!

Today felt like groundhog day.  You know how yesterday I said we went to the mall and hit Hot Topic, Torrid, Forever 21,etc.  Well... I guess that was just a warm up because we did it all over again today.  You can see pictures here if you wish.

Actually, today was allowance day, so everything that they saw & wanted yesterday, they got to go back and get today.  Plus, Courtney had picked up several job applications yesterday and went to turn them in today.  You should have seen the look on the people's faces when she asked for an app from Hot Topic. HA!  So funny.  She doesn't exactly fit in at that store. ;)

To sum it up, Maddie spent the bulk of her allowance at PacSun.  She got a belt and 2 new shirts.  Then we headed to Forever 21.  Surprisingly, Courtney didn't buy ANYTHING while we were there! (!!!)  I, however, bought a few necklaces and a scar...each thing was only $5.00 might I add.  Love it!  There's not much I hate worse than paying full-price for something trendy.  Actually, I won't pay much for anything trendy.  I'm not a trendy person to begin with, I'm more of a classic person, so when I do buy something trendy, it's gonna be CHEAP.  Such as this (which is SO pretty in person):
After that, we went to Sephora so I could get a new sharpener and to pick up my birthday present from them (a cute little mascara/liner/shadow set).  Then it was on to Build-a-Bear so Amelia could spend her money.  She got a cute little Valentines puppy & an outfit for her. 

After this?  That's when the REAL fun began *rolling my eyes*.  Heading back through the food court, we almost had a clean getaway, when the people from the Tmobile kiosk got ahold of us.  Normally, I don't make eye contact and just keep on walking, but today I had a daughter with me who has recently turned 18 and is itching to get her own account.  Before I know what's happening, she breaks ranks and is in full-blown conversation with one of them (and STILL is because she got his phone # and has been texting him all night!).  We were there for close to THREE hours and my feet were killing me by the end.  The two lucky girls who got the new phones?  Traitors!  Both of them!  They left us standing there to go sit at a table and rest their weary bones (refer to picture above).

Honestly, I don't have much to complain about least not until my first bill comes.  I've been wanting to switch some things on my account, which they were able to do for me and I have also been wanting to get
Amelia a phone.  So as this is all happening, you know Courtney steps up and tries to get her own new phone out of the deal.  I keep saying no, actually, "HELL NO" was more like it.  So the guy (VERY cute Mike, to be exact), asks her "how much money do you have?"  She replies that she only has her $20 allowance and he says, "If I can give you a new gravity 2 for $20, will you take it?"  Of course, I am a wimp and say yes.  BLAH!  So needless to say, for $20 I got my account fixed and two new phones.  PLUS, I got a $30 mail-in rebate for her phone, so I'm even ahead of the game.  Until I get my bill anyways.

We went out to dinner after that and I couldn't even eat my food because I am SO nauseous I can't stand it.  Not sure what that's about, but hopefully it passes before tomorrow night.  While we were there, however, Courtney starts going on & on about some guy that lives by us that thinks I'm "cute."  She & Maddie start ranting about what a good catch he is and how cool & cute he is, so she texts him and asks him to send a picture and she's right, he is cute.  He wants to do something this weekend, but I have to work, so we'll see what happens.  I can't believe my daughter is hooking me up on dates. lol

Now we're home.  Shopping is tiring.  The guy Court wants me to date commented that he's never seen me around the complex, only seen pictures of me...that's because I don't like to leave my house homie!  lol  If you look up the word "homebody" in the dictionary, there I'll be.  I will leave, and obviously do leave, but there is NO place like home!
♥ veronica