The Lovely Bones....

So this evening didn't go AT ALL like I thought it would.  Better than I thought, but still unanticipated.  I was supposed to work, so I slept most of the day away.  The kids were home from school because of their cold/flu/pink-eye bit....which should all make you guess what happened to me.  Yep, I woke up with pink eye.  BLAH!

It's mild and not too irritating, but I still can't go to work with it.  Luckily, I have an awesome boss who let me switch a day for later in the week instead of calling off, but that means I have to...... dum dum the floor.  Like a regular floor nurse!  GAH!!  I know, I know.  I did it for years, what's the big deal?  Um, hello?  Have we met?  I'm known to be a bit lazy and don't really WANT to have to do the "real" work if I don't have to. *sigh*  Just kidding! lol  I don't have a problem with it, although I am totally lazy.

Anyways, as we're all sitting around watching each other and doing the who's-gonna-make-the-first-move-and-make-dinner dance, someone reminds me of some gift cards I got for Christmas and they suggest dinner and a movie.  GREAT!  Where should we go???  You'll never guess what gets thrown out....

wait for it.....

wait for it....

"Golden Corral!"

*cricket cricket*

"Are you kidding me?" *blank stare*

"No!  It's SO good and we haven't been there for SO long!  I want their macaroni & cheese and some steak and some dessert.....!"  With that, both of the other girls chime in with squeals of delight and all I hear is, "PLEASE MOMMY, PLEASE!  OH COME ON MOM!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"

It was like taking a bullet!  I'm telling you, I NEVER thought I would see the day that my little women would betray me like this! I took a few moments to remind them that the reason we don't go there is because...well, for one thing, it's GROSS...and the other reason is because it was the nasty wasband's favorite restaurant.  Whenever we would go out to eat, he would have a tantrum like a little baby until we all went there.  We ate there so often and he was such a pig that I [un]lovingly started referring to it as "the trough."

Nonetheless, for things like this, this family is a democracy (and I have no doubt that policy will be changing VERY soon) and so the majority won.  And we went to the (*!#$ing) trough.  And I wonder how they would feel if they thought about hypothetically how I might end up with a severely upset stomach from eating that nasty, greasy food...and how hypothetically I might end up in the bathroom before even making it to my movie seats, where hypothetically I would spend a very long time with some severe GI distress and have to hypothetically courtesy flush every twenty seconds so that I don't scare away all of the other patrons....hypothetically speaking, of course.

So anyways, we finally make it to our seats and settle in to watch "The Lovely Bones."  WOW!  Was that a good movie!  I loved it!  I spent the entire movie thinking, WHY did I not write this first???  It was totally something I would have written and spoke to me on so many levels.  I have read that as usual, people who have read the book first, hate the movie because it is so vastly different.  Parts have been removed, etc.  At first I was thinking that I don't even know if I want to read the book now if it will only make me hate the movie, because I loved it so  much, but then I figured that loving the movie this much will mean that I will only love the book that much more and so I MUST read it immediately!

First off, this movie was visually stunning!  The cinematography was so good the whole way through.  I tend to be suckers for movies like that...Moulin Rouge, What Dreams May Come, Big Fish, etc....all movies that are beautiful to look at.  Second of all, I usually don't care much for Susan Sarandon and have never thought she was very pretty, but let me tell you, in THIS movie?  She's sexy!  Yes, you heard right.  She played the sexy grandma and I thought she was hot. So, go!  Third, it's so beautifully written and some of the words felt like they were coming out of my own head.  At one point, Susan Sarandon looks at the mom and says, "Do you really think that if you seal it up the pains gonna go away?"  It was like she was talking to ME.  That is something that I needed to hear for so many reasons and I am so guilty of shutting things up and pretending they don't exist so that I'm not vulnerable.  I pulled out my phone and emailed that quote to myself so that I wouldn't forget it.

All-in-all, I just got it.  I can't wait to buy the book and read it.  I hope I like it as much (sounds silly to say that).

♥ veronica