Friday five


  1.  My car broke down yesterday.  Yep, my new one.  We were turning into a parking spot and it started making some horrible groaning noise and then all the power steering went kaput.  We managed to get home, but just barely.  By the time we pulled in the parking lot it took two of us to turn the wheel to get it off the street.  Don't judge me!  I know it could've hurt the car, wasn't safe, blah blah blah.  Only my mom is allowed to say those things to me and she already did, so save it. ;)  Anyways, I wasn't too worried about it for some reason; I had this overwhelming peace that things would be okay...and they were.  I woke up this morning, called the car lot, had it towed to them and within two hours it was done and ready to be picked up.  They said something had blown inside the unit causing all the fluid to leak out.  They fixed the part, filled her up and now it's good to go.  It's slightly more noisy when you turn the wheel now than it used to be...not a high-pitched, power-steering kind of sound, but a lower groany type of sound, but it works fine, so I'm good with it.
  2. The guy Courtney wanted to hook me up with?  Very cute and seems cool.  We chatted for several hours last night.  Not sure how many sparks are flying at this point, but we'll see what happens.
  3. In a "Dirty Shanks" frame of mind lately.  Don't know what that is?  It's one of my favorite line of greeting cards found HERE and are perfect for when you just can't find a card that says what you're really thinking.  I've already picked out several for the men in my life.  Really, they sum things up better than any drunk dialing you could ever do, and since I can be known to be quite the drunk dialer (in related news:  I got my ambien prescription refilled lol), I'll just let these do the dirty work for me.
  4. Today I sent Randy a text that said, "I was thinking... since it's coming up on our twenty year wedding anniversary, I think we should do it up right and you should get me something REALLY nice."  He responded with, "You were huh?  Like what did you have in mind?....the Punky Brewster Millennium Edition'?"  [because I looked like Punky Brewster when I was little and was called that in school...very funny haha]  To which I said jokingly, "I was thinking HIGH something from the Target instead of from the Walmart this year. ;)....."  Although we've been divorced for much longer than we were married, we're still family.  And although I would like to strangle him at least as often as I would like to hug him, we are still family.  Courtney is 18 and Darren is getting ready to turn 17.  We did it.  (Well, mostly I did it....I'm just sayin').  We raised these children and are churning out some decent people.  So I asked him what he thought of maybe taking a family vacation with all of us.  Since they are all growing up, it may be our last chance to do so, and 20 years is a milestone and we should celebrate making two such awesome kids together.  And really, when there aren't intimate matters such as bills and fidelity on the table, we get along why not?  He agreed and hopefully he and  Darren can join us for something fun in the next few months.  I think it will be nice.
  5.  Last but definitely most important..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I know I've asked before, but if you can, PLEASE keep praying for Jessica.  Our poor girl is still in the intensive care unit (or should I say is there yet AGAIN) for massive infections and pain related to her shunt.  The had to do surgery and take the one they just recently replaced out due to infection and place a temporary one while she's on massive doses of antibiotics.  Well, the pain didn't subside and they couldn't figure out why, so they started doing ultrasounds of her abdomen and found several large abscesses inside on her kidney and behind her liver/near her heart.  They stuck a needle in and drained what they could, but they had to pull the lower half of her shunt out and leave it externalized for now (which opens up HUGE risk of infection to her brain).  She also has a bad staph infection on the incision site now and has also developed bad scar tissue inside of her belly which is causing pain.  Once they get the infections under control and keep her from going septic or anything worse, they will finally try to replace her shunt again.  The issue now is that they have tried to replace it in her belly so many times that they fear the only option now is to try to place it into her heart instead. :(  This is definitely not the option we were hoping for.
         Today on facebook, Maribel wrote,
"Mike stayed at hospital with Jess last night while I worked and when I saw him this morning,I felt so sorry for my hubby, he looked pitiful. Who ever said men were stronger? Apparently one who dont have children!"
 She sent me some texts a little while ago stating that the headaches are at a 10+ today and they even tried putting some major caffeine in Jess' IV to see if that would help anything but it hasn't really done much.  She said she is officially drained and at her wits end.  She's helpless and watching her daughter suffer through so much.  I can't even fathom what that's like.  My heart is aching for my friend and I am so worried about Jessica.  Please pray for her health and all of their mental health and well-being. 

♥ veronica