Even the car knows winter is stupid

The flight was good, and we arrived in Ohio without any trouble at all. My heart swelled with pride as we sat on the plane and the flight attendant said over the loudspeaker, "By the way? Go Buckeyes."  The plane erupted in hoots and hollers and someone on one side of the cabin started yelling "O-H!", as the other side yelled, "I-O!" I love where I am now, but it's undeniable how much I miss home and I was so proud to be surrounded by a bunch of crazy buckeyes like myself.

My parents were waiting for us in the airport when we got back and as soon as I picked up my rental car, we were on our way to Cleveland.  As soon as I turned on the car, it warned me about possible ice on the road and I was like, "oh great.  winter is stupid."  We had a relatively quick & easy trip north and eventually I was able to drop everyone off at their designated spots.  I finally made it to the hotel around 10 or 10:30.  That was a long-ass day!  No kidding.  I rented a hotel room that first night because I knew I hadn't slept for three nights in a row and as much as I love them and appreciate them always letting me bunk up in their house when I'm in town, Michelle & Dewey's is not the place for sound sleep.  And sleep is what  I needed...I crashed for TWELVE hours!

The next day, I drug my butt out of bed & into a hot shower.  You know, I could FEEL myself getting cranky just dealing with the mess that is winter.  I don't think it's the cold that I hate, because really it gets just as cold in Arizona, but it's the MESS.  The slush and mud and wet.  I HATE that shit!  There were muddy footprints all the carpet in my room from when the kids helped me carry in my bags, there was mud & slush all around the bottom of my pant legs, I had to wash my boots off because they were covered.  I felt cranky & hateful as I was cleaning it all up and that's when it occurred to me that the dirtiness that comes with winter is what bothers me so much. 

Anyways, I gathered up all the kids and we hit the road to meet my step-mom Dodi for lunch.  We went to a quaint little restaurant about an hour away and had a nice visit with her.  It was good to see her face in person since I haven't seen her since 1996 (I'll have to upload pictures later.  I forgot the camera upstairs and am too lazy to go get it right now).  After that, it was just basically delivering everyone back to their friends' houses and hanging out at Michelle's house for the evening.  Amelia missed playing with her cousins and they played until later in the evening when I took her back to my brothers house so that mama could come back and party New Years Eve style! ;)

Actually, it was incredibly low-key, which I prefer.  Dewey has been so sick that the party was cancelled, so it was just the three of us and then my friend Greg (that I've known since what?  1986?) came over.  We sat around and the girls drank sangria; the guys drank whatever it is that they drank, and we played UNO & watched Chelli sing karaoke.  No kidding, I drank at least HALF of the punch bowl.  Not bragging, just admitting the truth, which is why I have no clue what the guys drank because I was a little schnockered! 
Oh, and the whole singing of the karaoke thing?  Yeah, that's some funny shit right there!  I'm working on uploading some video...I know you all can't wait to see it! lol  But after watching a snippet, you'll have a brand new appreciation of the specialness that is watching Michelle sing. ;)

Greg headed out about 4 and shortly after my phone rang...it was my new friend. :)  We talked for about 3 hours before I headed to sleep.  I was kind of screwed because my phones time doesn't automatically reset with the time zone change, so I thought it was still two hours earlier than it was!  I paid for that oversight when everyone started waking up what seemed like 10 minutes after I fell asleep. 
I have to say that I am QUITE proud of myself.  I think the only two people I drunk dialed were Allison & Shawnda and I had no drunken love escapades to speak of.  I was quite well-behaved *pat on the back*.

As I sit here right now,  the snow is coming down like CRAZY and I'm listening to my family scream and yell at each other as they try to get their house/basement cleaned for our family Christmas party tomorrow.  Maybe I'll drink more than once this year...because although I adore them, this is stressing me out.  Uggh.

♥ veronica


Allison said…
It was great to have you back home in Ohio, even if just for a short time. Glad we could start the new year together. Enjoy the sunshine for me...